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Getting Ready for the First Day of School

Preparing for the First Day of School

Excitement is in the air! The air is filled with jubilant voices as students prepare for the first day of school. As a new school year begins, thoughts filter through the mind of each parent. Parents of Kindergartens wonder if they will be able to let go of their child when they give them one last hug before leaving the K5 classroom. Parents of seniors wonder how they will handle letting go of their child when the tassel is turned at the end of the school year. The year is full of varied emotions, but all parents desire for their child to succeed this year in school.

Success does not simply happen in the educational process. Success takes preparation and effort. The preparation and effort begins before the school year even commences. Success can begin on the first day of school. I wanted to share some practical advice that I have gained over the last 16 years of teaching (13 of which I have had my children) that can make the first day of school a success for your child. This list is not exhaustive in nature. It simply encourages thought when preparing for the first day of school.

Pray with your child: Pray with them the night before school begins and when you arrive on campus. Allow them to pray for their teacher and other social elements pertaining to school. Pray for them throughout the day.

Rest and Resupply: There is often excitement and some apprehension the night before school begins. Make sure your child has plenty of sleep and a wholesome meal in the morning.

Pack lunch the night before: Pack your child’s lunch (maybe not a sandwich) the night before school begins.

Pack the book bag the night before: Make sure all items and supplies are ready to go the night before the first day of school.

Have the outfit out and ready: Having your child’s first day of school outfit ready will make your morning a little less stressful.

Get to school early: The teachers at FCA will be in place at 7:30am ready to greet each student on their way into the classroom. Getting to school early on the first day will give you a chance to get all supplies situated and provide an opportunity to get those pictures.

Have positive expectations: Be positive about the school year, teacher, and success (spiritually, academically, and socially) of your child. Your attitude about school is often mirrored by your child.

Micah Conlon, Ed.S.
School Administrator