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Always Good Seeing Alumni

It is always good seeing alumni at FCA! More than 25 alumni participated in 2018 Alumni Game with many more in attendance. It was exciting to see some former teammates take the court once again. Michael Fulcher (’89) and William Spence (’89) showed the recent graduates what basketball at FCA was all about. Four teammates -T.J. Sasser (’07), Aaron Sladick (’07), Taylor Stocks (’08), and Austen Webber (’08)- from the 2007 State Basketball Championship team were able to relive the glory days while collectively scoring more than 70 of the 138 total points scored in the basketball game.

The volleyball game was just as intense as the basketball game. Alexis Cozine (‘14) dominated with strong serves while the delicate touches of Taylor Downey (‘11) and Stefanie Jones Patel (‘04) balance each team for a highly competitive game. It was also fun to see Coach Hardison (’98) and Coach Perry (’04) participate in their respective sports. Alumni are already eagerly awaiting the games next year. Remember, the alumni games are always scheduled for the Saturday following Homecoming. We hope to see ever more participants next year.