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Charlene Anderson High School Art, Custodial Supervisor
Ebony Caroon 1st Grade Teacher
Sharon Coker School Secretary
Abby Colop 3rd Grade Teacher
Roxie Davis Human Resource Manager View BIO

Roxie Davis

Contact: 919-734-8701 ext. 207


Degree: A.A., Wayne Community College

Major: Accounting

Experience: 37 years

As a graduate of FCA, Mrs. Davis has a life time love of this ministry. Before taking the position of Finical Office Manager at Faith, she worked for Stackhouse, Inc. as the Accounts Receivable Supervisor for 16 years. She began to work at FCA when her two children started to attend. When asked why she has enjoyed working at Faith for more than 20 years, she responded by stating: “I just love the kids, understand the financial struggle of many, and want to be used by the Lord.”

Kevin Denton Music Pastor, Fine Arts Director
Susan Denton Music/Art Teacher
Chris Edmonds 11th Grade Bible, Children's Pastor View BIO

Chris Edmonds

Contact: 919-734-8701 ext. 262


Degree: B.A., Southeastern Free Will Baptist College

Major: Bible and Pastoral Theology

Teaching Experience: 6 years

Mr. Edmonds serves as the 11th grade Bible teacher. He has a unique gift of making the life of Christ come alive to this current generation. He serves in the church as the Missions Pastor, and his heart for the unsaved is seen in every aspect of his ministry. “The Bible is the greatest book ever written, and it is my privileged duty to teach its truths weekly in the classroom at Faith Christian Academy. I love the opportunity to make the Bible come alive in order for our students to be able to clearly see, feel and understand the truth that transcends cultures, customs and time.”

Ashley Finney Cafeteria Coordinator/P.E.
Tiffany Griffin High School Teacher/School Nurse
Dorothy Gurley TA Elementary
Stephen Hardison 8th Grade Homeroom - Middle/High School Teacher, Athletic Director View BIO

Stephen Hardison

Contact: 919-734-8701 


Degree: B.S., Southeastern Free Will Baptist College

Major: Secondary Education

Teaching Experience: 19 years


Alyssa Harris 6th Grade Homeroom - Middle School Teacher View BIO

Alyssa Harris

Contact: 919-734-8701 


Degree: B.S., Education

Major: Middle School Education

Teaching Experience: 2 years

Maegan Hicks Preschool TEACHER - INFANT ROOM
Susan Hill Yearbook Coordinator
Cindy Hinson K5 Teacher View BIO

Cindy Hinson

Contact: 919-734-8701 ext. 235


Degree: Wayne Community College

Major: Genreral Studies

Teaching Experience: 27 years

Mrs. Hinson began her journey in education when she worked at Howells Center for disabled children for a semester as an intern. After the internship, she worked at O’Berry Center as a Special Training Instructor for two years and began to substitute teach in a local elementary school.  “While working as a substitute teacher, I felt the Lord calling me into teaching.”

She feels called to teach early childhood. “I enjoy teaching the little ones while they are still so innocent and loving.  It is so rewarding to see them soak up God’s Word during Bible time.  It is also so much fun to watch them grow and mature over the course of the year.”  Mrs. Hinson especially enjoys seeing them as they have their “light bulb” moments academically and knowing she has had a small part in helping them to achieve personal, academic and spiritual growth.

Patsy Howard Preschool Director
Amy Janning Middle/High School Teacher View BIO

Amy Janning

Contact: 919-734-8701 


Degree: B.A., Major: Psychology, Meredith College

Degree: B.A., Major: Elementary Education, Meredith College

Degree: Master of Arts (MAED-Math), East Carolina University

Teaching Experience: 33 years


Isa LeRoy

Contact: 919-734-8701 ext. 207


Degree: Colegio Público Pío del Río Ortega

Teaching Experience: 28 years

Although Mrs. LeRoy has been teaching Spanish at FCA for 28 years, she still considers Spain her home.  She has a special mastery of the Spanish language and culture since Spanish is her primary language.  “I enjoy being around students, teaching them Spanish, and telling them why it is so important to learn a foreign language. Learning how to speak Spanish gives them the opportunity to go and witness to the Spanish speaking population.”  Mrs. LeRoy also serves in the Preschool as a support staff. Her motivation to teach is rooted in God’s command for us to go into the World and preach to all people. 

Marcus McComb Technical Support, AV Team Leader
Sharon McNeese Administrative Assistant View BIO

Sharon McNeese

Contact: 919-734-8701 ext. 224


Degree: A.A., Welch College

Major: Business

Experience: 34 years

If you have ever been by the office at FCA, Mrs. McNeese is there to greet you with an inviting smile and helpful hand. She is experienced in office management in many settings. After graduating college, she worked as a receptionist in a dental office in northern Virginia for 11 years. Thankfully, the Lord moved her family to Faith where she has served as the administrative assistant for 23 years. “I love that this is not a job to me, but an opportunity to use the gifts the Lord has given me to serve in a ministry.” Both of her children graduated from FCA and are serving the Lord in full-time ministry. Without any doubt, Mrs. McNeese is a very important part of our school.

Shanna Miller 2nd Grade Teacher View BIO

Shanna Miller

Contact: 919-734-8701 ext. 236


Degree: B.S., Southeastern Free Will Baptist College

Major: Elementary Education

Teaching Experience: 15 years

“As a graduate of Faith Christian Academy, I experienced the love that my teachers gave me. This love gave me a desire to want to do the same thing.” The love that Mrs. Miller has for her students is witnessed by her students and their parents. She is one of the most creative teachers at FCA and enjoys making the rigors of learning enjoyable for her students. “God put a love and desire for teaching in my heart since I was young.  I love what I do, and I am very thankful for the opportunity to teach.  I hope and pray my students see and feel the love I have for them.”

Marcos Osuna 10th Grade Bible, Chapel Coordinator, Student Pastor View BIO

Marcos Osuna

Contact: 919-734-8701 ext. 215


Degree: B.A., Southeastern Free Will Baptist College

Major: Religious Arts

Teaching Experience: 5 years

Mr. Osuna is loved by his students. Since he is the Youth Pastor in the church, he has an insightful understanding of what it takes to reach this generation.  “I’m thankful to be able to serve at FCA and encourage this current generation to serve our great God.”

Gene Parrish Music Department Chair View BIO

Gene Parrish

Contact: 919-734-8701 ext. 218


Degree: B.A., Barton College

Major: Music Education

Teaching Experience: 30 years

Mr. Parrish considers it a privilege to utilize his music training and playing experience in a number of band and orchestral settings. He has served as the brass instructor for FCA students and assists with our band and various instrumental ensembles. “I enjoy interacting with our students and helping them to become their very best, with the desire of helping them develop a musical ministry that will last a lifetime.”

Jenny Parrish K5 Teacher
Melody Parrish Assistant Business Manager View BIO

Melody Parrish

Contact: 919-734-8701 ext. 201


Degree: A.A., Wayne Community College

Major: Accounting

Experience: 15 years

Mrs. Parrish has worked as a secretary/accounting clerk for 12 years in the public sector and here at Faith for 15 years.  She has served as receptionist/school secretary for the last 3 years.  “It is a joy to serve here at FCA.  I am blessed to serve with friends that God has placed here and feel a close bond to the students, who I often tell others I feel like are all my very own!” She is passionate about using every opportunity given to encourage each person that calls or visits the office.

Hemant Patel 12th Grade Bible, Missions Pastor

Carlos Peralta

Duke University: Bachelor of Science – Biology, Chemistry, and English

NC State University: Master of Science – Plant Genetics

Emory University: Master of Business Administration – Corporate Management

Kasey Perry 7th Grade Homeroom, Middle School English View BIO

Kasey Perry

Contact: 919-734-8701 ext. 242


Degree: A.A, Welch College

Major: English

Teaching Experience: 3 years

Mrs. Perry is a graduate of FCA. “I have taught high school English for two years, and I am now teaching middle school English, Science and Bible.” Her passion is being in the middle school classroom and having the opportunity to invest in her students’ education and spiritual maturity at such an influential time. “I am grateful for the opportunity to work at the place that played such a vital role in my life and to be able to impact the lives of my students, in the same way my teachers did.”

Tiny Phillips Custodian
Shelia Quinn Custodian
Kally Roberts Head of School View BIO

Kally Roberts

Liberty University – Lynchburg, Virginia 

  • Doctor of Philosophy – Education- Organizational Leadership (2020) 
  • Education Specialist – Teaching and Learning (2011)
  • Master of Education – Curriculum and Instruction (2008)


Tennessee Temple University – Chattanooga, Tennessee

  • Bachelor of Science – Elementary Education (2005)
  • Bachelor of Science – Business Management (2002)
Lauren Rouse 4th Grade Teacher
Peggy Sloan 1st Grade Teacher View BIO

Peggy Sloan

Contact: 919-734-8701 ext. 234


Degree: B.A., Welch College (formerly Free Will Baptist Bible College)

Major: Elementary Education

Teaching Experience: 42 years

Mrs. Sloan is a master teacher. Her love for the students is second to none. Students excel academically and establish a strong foundation and love for learning. Often, students in her class are in the top scores in the nation on national assessment.

Eddie Smith 12th Grade Homeroom, High School History, Senior Sponsor View BIO

Eddie Smith

Contact: 919-734-8701 ext. 247


Degree: B.S., Welch College

B.A., Welch College

Major: Major: B.S.-Elementary Education, B.A.-Bible

Teaching Experience: 34 years

“I answered God’s call to full time Christian ministry as a high school senior. I felt the leading of the Holy Spirit to the ministry of Christian education.” Mr. Smith is one of the most respected teachers in the field of history at FCA. His wit and passion for each student have made a substantial positive impact on numerous students. “The Lord has richly blessed and allowed me to be involved in teaching and influencing young people for the cause of Christ, which is my heart’s desire. I truly want students to receive the best education possible, so they can become Christ-honoring citizens and Christians.”

Mr. Smith is the acting Student Advisor. He works with juniors and seniors with the intent of developing the best path for their future — academically and vocationally.

Jeff Stocks 5th Grade Teacher View BIO

Jeff Stocks

Contact: 919-734-8701 ext. 240


Degree: B.S., Welch College

B.A., Welch College

Major: B.S.-Elementary Education, B.A.-Bible

Teaching Experience: 33 years

Known as one of the most loved teachers at FCA, Jeff Stock always makes learning fun for students he influences, regardless of their age. Mr. Stocks teaches the 5th grade and coaches JV and Varsity Girls’ Basketball, as well as Girls’ Softball. “I just enjoy different age groups and staying involved with students, no matter their age.” Even after teaching at FCA for 33 years, he has no trouble matching the energy of his students. His students work hard and love him because he does more than just teach them…he loves them.

Meredith Wallace High School Teacher
Brandy Whitfield 2nd Grade Teacher
Karen Whitley Librarian, P.E. Teacher View BIO

Karen Whitley

Contact: 919-734-8701 ext. 253


Degree: B.S., Campbell University

Major: Psychology

Teaching Experience: 4 years

Mrs. Whitley has an insatiable love of reading. Whether it is reading to an elementary class or assisting high school students in research, this love of reading is often passed on to the students. “I love seeing the excitement on the students’ faces when they find just the right book!” Mrs. Whitley genuinely loves interacting with the students of any level.