Kindergarten at Faith Christian Academy

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A strong foundation for your child’s future success!

Kindergarten is an important milestone in your child’s learning journey. Your son or daughter will become proficient in reading, writing, and math, all while developing the social and emotional skills needed to thrive in school. Most importantly, they will learn about their place in God’s world, developing a biblical worldview. As a parent, you know that environment matters — especially during these formative years. You want your child to be excited about learning and coming to school, and you want the assurance that they’re in a safe, edifying atmosphere. At Faith Christian Academy, a private Christian school located in Goldsboro, NC, we’ve designed our kindergarten program to meet both of these needs.

We invite you to explore how we help students excel academically through individualized attention and partner with families to reinforce the Christian values taught at home. Select one of the links below to navigate through this page!



Program Schedule

A full-day kindergarten program filled with hands-on learning experiences.

Faith Christian Academy offers a full-day kindergarten program with a comprehensive curriculum designed to keep young learners engaged. The school day starts at 8:00 AM and ends at 2:50 PM. Need to drop off your child early? Have to stay late at work? No problem! FCA offers extended care for families with fluctuating schedules. Learn more about our Extended Care Program by clicking here!

Core subject areas include:

  • American History
  • Math
  • Phonics
  • Reading
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Writing

In addition to our core curriculum, students enjoy weekly specials, such as:

  • Art
  • Chapel
  • Library
  • Music
  • Spanish


Learning Environment

Why do families choose FCA for kindergarten and beyond?

Whether your child has attended pre-k or will be stepping into their first school experience, our kindergarten teachers will meet them where they are and provide the personalized attention they need to thrive. We know you’re looking for a school where your child will be known, mentored, and loved. FCA families find that our school feels like an extension of their home, and provides their children with:

  • Care and support. We are committed to keeping our kindergarten classes right-sized so teachers can differentiate instruction and be responsive to children’s unique needs.
  • Exciting learning opportunities. Through everything from hands-on projects to fun field trips, kindergartners develop an authentic love for learning.
  • Alignment between home and school. We communicate with parents weekly and encourage family involvement, which is more important than ever in kindergarten.
  • A foundation for lifelong success. Character, values, patriotism, and the desire to know and serve Jesus are interwoven throughout our curriculum.

How can we help as you search for the best kindergarten program for your family?

Contact our admissions team to have your questions answered and schedule a tour of Faith Christian Academy!

After attending FCA for K5, both of our kids were definitely prepared to enter first grade. Not only did their reading greatly improve, but their mathematical and spelling skills blew my mind. My husband and I were amazed daily at the new things our kids were learning, as were their grandparents! The instruction time is unmatched. We have truly been blessed with the best teachers in K5, 1st and now 2nd grade at FCA.

-Erica Gammon, FCA Parent

Meet a Teacher

Name: Marsha Going, Kindergarten Teacher 

Years experience in early childhood education (preschool and K5 combined) – 16 years

Hobbies – Reading, Traveling, spending time with her husband of 40 years and 9 grandchildren

“I am privileged to teach at FCA, and to serve on a team that is loving, caring, and supportive of one another and the students. FCA provided many opportunities for my own children when they were students here to discover their strengths, and helped them grow academically and spiritually.”


Searching for a private, Christian kindergarten program in Goldsboro, NC?

Schedule a visit to FCA, explore our vibrant kindergarten classrooms, and meet some of our teachers and staff. We look forward to meeting you!