Spiritual Life


One of the most important elements to Christian education is the developing of various biblical character traits such as servanthood. The Junior High and High School at FCA has one central GOAL. This GOAL is to expose student’s Globally to brothers and sisters in Christ who are reaching lost souls, as mandated in the New Testament’s Great Commission. In addition to sharing in these worldwide missions, the program provides Outreach opportunities for students to minister both spiritually and physically to our “neighbors” in Eastern North Carolina, as demonstrated by Jesus and His disciples. To promote school spirit, class unity, and positive, clean fun, numerous Activities throughout the school year are planned. To allow our students to use their God given talents for His glory, Leadership options will be presented so students can excel in their service at FCA.


One of the ways we try to nurture our students spiritually is through weekly chapels. The K‐4 through 5th grade meets each Tuesday for a time of pledges, singing and preaching. Several children have trusted Christ as their Savior during this weekly chapel time. The 6th through 12th grade meet on Tuesday in the Main Auditorium. These students are always challenged by great preaching from Pastor Powell, Bro. Marcos Osuna, local pastors and youth pastors, and the pastoral staff from Faith Church. Chapel is one of most influential times during the school week at FCA.

School Retreats

Each September, we take our Junior High and High School students to a school retreat.  The 6th-8th grades experience a one day outing for the purpose of team building and leadership to start each school year.  The 9th-12th grades go to the Anchorage Camp in Lake Waccamaw, NC to experience a three-day retreat. These school retreats are a great way for friendships to develop and classmates to bond as they spend some time away from school under the influence of good, wholesome preaching and fun‐filled activities. Long lasting, spiritual decisions are often made at these special retreats and events.