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A Foundation that will Last a Lifetime!

Today, in the wake of alarming trends in public schools, parents are becoming increasingly concerned about their children’s education. Many years ago we decided to address this situation and began the Faith Christian Academy Preschool.  Since then, hundreds of children have completed our excellent academic Preschool program.



Revised July 2022

Infants-24 months: $175 per week

K2-K4: $170 per week

Two Children: $265 per week

Weekly rate includes lunch, two snacks, and craft supplies. Curriculum and resource fee would be in addition to weekly rate.


Our hands-on, developmentally appropriate activities target all aspects of early childhood development, while emphasizing the love of Jesus Christ. The exposure children receive to Bible, phonics, numbers, art, music and movement, books and reading, physical education, and science, provides a wealth of experiences for the children on which to build a solid educational foundation. After K4 Graduation, children will be able to count, recognize colors, know the alphabet, speak the basic sounds and blend of phonics, and READ. Our goal is to provide the highest quality program where loving kindness, gentleness, consistency, safety, and security are of utmost importance.



Our commitment to high standards is also reflected in the people who work at FCA. Our teachers are experienced and receive ongoing training. We nurture the lasting bonds that develop between our faculty and families.

Spiritual Approach

Our teachers include a daily Bible lesson, including songs, Bible stories, and scripture verses. Teachers also use this time to present life application lessons that connect to children’s lives in a meaningful, age-appropriate way. In all of our curriculum, we pray that God will be perceived as our Creator and in control of our lives and the universe.


Children learn through play! FCA has a large playground exclusively used for the Preschool students. During adverse weather conditions, the children play in the gymnasium. The teachers monitor all aspects of playground safety, and the equipment is continuously monitored to make certain that it is safe and properly maintained.

Enrollment Age Requirements

The birthdate deadlines for our school year are as follows:

  • PK3 – Children must be 3 and potty trained before starting.
  • PK4 – Children must be 4 on or before August 31st to enter our 4’s Program.

Discipline & Behavior Management

Praise and positive reinforcement are effective methods of behavior management of children. Children received positive, non-violent correction.  By understanding interactions from adults and others, students develop good self-concepts, problem solving abilities, and self-discipline. FCA also uses time-out when a child does not respond to positive reinforcements. Numerous positive reinforcements are in place within each classroom.

Philosophy of Curriculum

The curriculum at Faith Christian Academy is chosen with much prayer and research. Nothing is to be presented to the students that could undermine their faith. All truth is God’s truth; therefore, every subject taught must have biblical principles at its core.

Christian education is an alliance of the Christian home, the Bible-believing local church, and the school. It is the purpose of Faith Christian Academy to assist the home and the church, never to usurp their authority. We must provide a support structure that helps to form and nurture vibrant Christian citizens.

Philosophy of Teaching and Technology

Faith Christian Academy places a high importance on the academic success of each student.  We have a balanced approached to the complete education of the child and have developed a strategic use of curriculum that exposes each student to varied pedagogical perspectives. Technology is incorporated into each classroom, but we take the focus away from the technology itself and place it directly on the learning and teaching it facilitates.

FCA blends the approach of traditional education with modern technology to prepare students to succeed spiritually, physically, and academically.

  • Christ‐centered curriculum
  • A Beka, Bob Jones Press, Positive Action For Christ, McGraw-Hill (Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II)
  • Computer Education beginning in the 3rd Grade
  • Spanish Education begins in the 1st Grade
  • E-textbooks used in High School classes
  • iPads integrated into High School classes
  • Digital and Traditional Assessments in 7th-12th grades
  • Phonics‐based reading program that starts in 4 year old Kindergarten
  • College Preparatory Program
  • Strong Emphasis on the Basics
  • Achievement Test Results are above National and State Norms