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Welcome to the Resource Learning Center

In the heart of our Christian school, the Resource Learning Center (RLC) provides a warm and welcoming space where students who have a documented intellectual disability, processing deficit, developmental disability, or ADD/ADHD can deepen their understanding and grow as learners. Guided by faith and a commitment to academic excellence, our dedicated staff offers individualized support, fostering a love of knowledge while strengthening essential skills. Whether it’s conquering a challenging concept or refining study habits, the Resource Learning Center at Faith Christian Academy in Goldsboro, NC aims to equip students with the tools and strategies needed to succeed, all within a framework that reinforces their faith and God-given potential. Modifications and accommodations are based upon the student’s diagnosis along with proper documentation from the physician, psychologist, or psychiatrist.

turning obstacles into opportunities

Areas Of Eligibility

Students who present with a specific learning disability which is defined as a significant discrepancy between ability (IQ) and achievement in one or more of the following academic areas.

  • Oral Expression
  • Listening Comprehension
  • Written Expressions
  • Basic Reading Skills
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Mathematic Calculation
  • Mathematic Reasoning

Determination Of Eligibility

New students who are applying to FCA for the first time and wish to be considered for enrollment in the Resource Learning Center must provide a current IEP and/or current psycho-educational testing documentation. The documentation must be dated within the last three years. The Resource Director will review those records. It will then be determined by the Resource Director if there is an opening for the student. If an opening is available, the Administrator will contact the parents to set up a meeting to discuss the program and documentation. Please note an Individualized Service Plan (ISP) is not automatically written for a new student of FCA if the student previously had an IEP written at a public school. Public schools write IEPs for many disabilities that FCA is not equipped to accommodate, and public schools do not require testing for determination.

Resources Offered

The Resource Learning Center offers small group classes for students in K5 – 12th grade who need additional help catching up to grade level or who would benefit from the small group environment with a teacher who specializes in teaching students with learning disabilities. Subjects offered are Resource Math and Resource English.

Megan Handler

Resource Director

“The goal of the program is to encourage and come alongside students who may become frustrated with learning by helping them discover their true potential. Students will gain confidence and independence in the classroom and develop a strong foundation in the Gospel.”

MAT in Special Education from Liberty University | 9 years teaching Experience in Special Education | 1 year teaching Experience at FCA

Resource Learning Center Fees & Services