Fine Arts

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Why is Fine Arts important?

Faith Christian Academy approaches fine arts with a unique perspective. Like most schools, we value the artistic merit and personal development aspects of music, theater, visual arts, and other creative endeavors. However, at FCA, there is an added spiritual dimension. All talents are a gift from God and should be used to glorify His creation as stated in I Corinthians 10:31. This can be seen in our curriculum, which explores Biblical themes. FCA participates in state competitions hosted by the North Carolina Christian School Association as wells as TriCom (a multi-state competition formerly known as SACS). Students compete in the areas of vocal solo, ensemble, chorale, choir, instrumental solo, and instrumental duet. Elementary students also participate in Bible sward drill, choric speaking, and poetry recitation. High school students have the opportunity to compete in over 150 specific categories through the Tri-Com competition.

Overall, we aim to nurture the artistic ability of our students while helping them form a deeper connection with God.

Individual Music Lessons

Individual music lessons offer a personalized approach to learning an instrument that goes beyond what group classes can provide. With our dedicated teachers, your child can receive focused feedback on technique, progress at their own pace, and explore musical styles of interest. This one-on-one environment fosters a strong foundation in musicianship, builds confidence, and allows students to develop a unique musical voice.


Students entering 3rd grade or higher may apply for individual piano lessons. Students entering 4th grade or higher may apply for individual band or voice lessons. The Music Department makes all final acceptance decisions. If accepted, continuation of lessons is contingent upon the student abiding by home practice and lesson attendance policies as set forth in the Music Department Handbook. Also, student participation is mandatory for all concerts and recitals as well as rehearsals. Offering individual music lessons allows Faith Christian Academy the opportunity to expand the artistic and spiritual growth of its students by fostering a love for music.


Individual lessons in piano, band, or voice costs $550 for the school year. However, this amount is subject to change. Method books for piano and band are billed separately and in addition to the cost of lessons.


All individual music lessons are schedule during the school day. Integrating music lessons into the school day unlocks a wealth of benefits for students. Firstly, it eliminates scheduling conflicts and transportation hurdles that can hinder participation in after-school programs. This ensures greater access and removes barriers for students who might not otherwise have the opportunity to learn an instrument. Secondly, the proximity to academic subjects allows for interesting cross-curricular connections. Music theory can reinforce math skills, while ensemble playing fosters teamwork and communication, valuable assets in any classroom. Finally, incorporating music throughout the day provides a natural stress reliever and creative outlet, potentially boosting focus and overall well-being during core academic subjects. By embedding music lessons within the school day, students reap a holistic educational experience that benefits both their artistic and academic development.

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